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Traveler in Motion

Coming and Going

Getting Here

217 Cohutta Overlook Lane is a new road and doesn’t show on maps yet. 

Please note there is a Cohutta Overlook Trail and Drive that do show on maps so do not get them confused.

The best road to enter in maps is Sugar Mountain Rd, Blue Ridge, GA. This will get you to the right place.  Look for this sign at corner of Chestnut Gap Rd and Sugar Mountain Rd.


- Turn on Sugar Mtn. Road and start up hill

- Cohutta Overlook Lane (gravel) forks off to the  RIGHT at top of hill.

- Our cabin is the second on the LEFT


  • Immediately connect to WiFi so you can communicate with us if necessary. (Network: Yellowstone / Password: soco217!)

  • Press bottom left button on door keypad to illuminate numbers.

  • Enter 4 digit door code to enter

  • Simply press bottom right button to lock when exiting


  • Please dispose of all trash in a trash bag and place in exterior trashcan. Do not put any unbagged trash or food in exterior can. Be sure to secure straps to deter wildlife.

  • Please load and start dishwasher. Our cleaners will put dishes away.

  • Leave used towels in the tub or shower floor

  • Please make sure hot tub jets / lights are off, turn off all TVs and lights before leaving

  • Press bottom right button on keypad to lock door

Getting to Town

You must spend some time in downtown Blue Ridge while you are here.  Lots of great restaurants, breweries, and boutique shops to check out.  It’s an easy 10-minute drive but data service is spotty so here is the best route.  Each turn is at stop signs / intersections so you can't miss them.  Just note landmarks for the return trip.


LEFT.. On Sugar Mountain Road (from dirt road)

LEFT.. On Chestnut Gap Road

LEFT.. On Sugar Creek Road

RIGHT.. On Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive will take you right by Walmart and Home Depot and straight in to downtown once you go through the intersection at Appalachian Highway

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